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Wednesday 1 March 2023

I'm running for office in Luxembourg-city


With Jean-Claude Juncker’s blessing, we’re ready for the elections
If you want to support me and the great team I’m part of, first step is to register on the electoral rolls before the 17th of April.

Anyone who lives in Luxembourg CAN VOTE this year:
- regardless of your nationality - you DON’T have to have the Luxembourgish nationality to vote in the local elections in your municipality in June!
- regardless of the length of your residence in Luxembourg! (this bit was approved in August 2022, before 5 years were needed)
provided that:
1. you’re 18 years old and
2. you register on the electoral list before the 17th April at 5 pm.
Currently less than 15% of the international community registered to vote. It’s a pity because if we don’t mobilize ourselves, there are no chances for the candidates representing the international community to get elected this year.
You will have plenty of time to find out more about the people you might know who will be candidates in your commune.

Discover the team of CSV Stad in my picture below,
under the leadership of Serge Wilmes.
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