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I am passionate about education, entrepreneurship, as well as social & community projects, and I genuinely wish to be make a difference in the world. Because we have to be the change we wish to see in the world, I have started quite a few projects in areas that are close to my heart. 

Not only I strongly believe that we need to learn all life long, I also love to work in education.
In 2004 I founded Languages.lu, a boutique language school specialized in tailor made courses for companies and individuals, as well as in language camps for children and teenagers during the school holidays. That same year, together with my team, I launched the very first Luxembourgish online course. Since then, I have conceived and published 9 other learning materials for Luxembourgish, including the mobile application "365 days Luxembourgish". You can find the list of these learning materials on this link.
About 10 years ago I started the "Support the education" project in my birth city, Tecuci. It included different campaigns over the years, including computer donations to several schools and high-schools, financial donations after some severe floodings in the region, setting up the Clara Moraru IT lab or the Clara Moraru scholarship which is given every year to the best students of the Spiru Haret National College.

My newest project is an Erasmus+ project, a small scale partnership project entitled "Wellbeing at school". More details soon.

I am a serial entrepreneur and have set up 4 different companies in 3 different countries: Romania, United Kingdom and Luxembourg. I was 20 years old when I first started my company in Sibiu, Romania. Each entrepreneurial experience was very different, from a Chinese restaurant, a travel agency "Transylvania Tours" to a conference interpreting company and then to learning materials to learn Luxembourgish.
I enjoy creating, innovating, imagining new projects, setting the short-term, medium and long term vision. This is why I also have a certification as an independent director from INSEAD. 

Social & community projects
Since I was 12 years old I have been involved in different associations.
In 2018 I supported the "Picnic 4 charity".


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