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Wednesday 27 March 2019

How fast is fast enough?

The last couple of weeks have been full of emotions: excitement, hope, surprise, joy, envy, pride, sadness, anxiety, confusion, happiness, disappointments, anger, amusement ... Scientists have identified 27 distinct types of emotions and probably a high number of them have been experienced in CSV since the election day of the new president of the party, Frank Engel.

If we remember that the party has 10.000 members and that more than 650 people were present on the election day, it's only normal that there was a wide range of emotions before, during and after the congress. 

Especially after the congress, I must say. RTL has been instrumental in putting on their first page some of the emotions experienced by people who were either a candidate in the elections, a family member or someone who wanted to become a candidate in the upcoming European  elections.

I joined CSV in 2016 after 2 years as president of the Luxembourgish branch of the Romanian party PNL (National Liberal Party, part of the European Popular Party), who gave the current Romanian president, Klaus Iohannis, and also member of the International Board for the Romanian Diaspora of the party. I became a candidate in the local elections in 2017 in the City of Luxembourg and experienced my first political campaign. These are memories that I cherish very much. I met extraordinary people and discovered many positive things about myself in the process. I organized some fantastic and innovative events, including an Electoral Speed Dating, which was met with a lot of enthusiasm, especially from people working for the European institutions. 

After the 2018 elections, CSV remained for the second time in the opposition. This was at last the moment that the leadership of the party has realized that a renewal of the party has become necessary. Many of you will probably say "It was about time", and indeed you would be right. All the sections of the party have organized elections in November and December 2018 and none of the presidents in function stood up for reelection. I am very pleased and proud because I was elected as a member of the Committee of the Center section of CSF (the women section), a week later a member of the National Committee of CSF and, another 10 days later, president of CSV International, the section allowing non Luxembourgish to become active members in the party before they would speak Luxembourgish or would acquire the nationality. In addition, I became a member of the National Committee of the party, a delegate for the Center Circumscription and a member of the National Council. 

Going back to the distinct types of human emotions that have been experienced since Mr. Engel has been elected president of the party, they prompted some people to criticize CSV for not truly allowing the "Renouveau". I look however around me and I see many new faces, many young people and many people who are now discovering politics. I particularly think about the National Committee of CSV International (which has 800 members, either non Luxembourgish or having a double citizenship). More than 75% of our members are new in politics, their position in the National Committee is their first ever in a political party in Luxembourg and they are enjoying the new experience. We can bring into politics our different experience from different fields of expertise, many of us from the business world, as managers, entrepreneurs or IT consultants. There are (only) three months since we run the international section. We started to reconnect and participate regularly in the events of the different nationality-based communities in the country. Our team won the quiz organized by Maison des associations and the trip to Strasbourg at the European Parliament. We launched a new concept "Meet & Greet our deputies" at the Festival of cultures and immigration which attracted quite an impressive number of people. In the context of the International Women's Day, we decided to honor some of the women of CSV who, over the years, were active in making sure that parity is respected and applied in all decision making organs of the party;  we organized an opera concert which attracted more than two hundred thirty guests. On the 9th of April we are organizing a conference debate on the topic of the European nationality with Erna Hennicot Schoepges, my political mentor. 

I look at our committee's picture with joy, pride and excitement: if this is not part of the "renouveau" of the party, then I guess I don't know what "renouveau" is.


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