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Thursday 14 March 2019

Vote for a stronger European Union, vote for peace!

With the rise of parties who want to destroy the #peace we enjoy in the #EuropeanUnion, voting in the European elections has never been so important! 
Together with some enthusiastic #Europeanvolunteers, I organized events to raise awareness about the necessity of expressing our vote in order to avoid separatists and extremists from getting into the #EuropeanParliament. Here is a spontaneous video recorded at our "Dancing for Europe" event, in which I talk about 3 amazing privileges we enjoy in Europe, a part of PEACE, which is, without any doubt, the biggest of all: 

1. being able to travel without a visa, to study and/or work in any other EU country, 
2. being able to use a single currency in most of the EU countries,
3. enjoying since last year to no longer pay roaming fees when traveling, thanks to the CSV deputy, Viviane Reding, former vice-president of the European Commission... 
Let's all join our forces for #Europe and become angels of peace! 


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