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Wednesday 24 June 2020

Networking in our post-Covid-19 reality

How will networking look like in our new reality? This was the question to which a very interesting Insead webinar tried to answer yesterday, 23rd of June, just as I was getting ready to celebrate Luxembourg's national day. First year when the public celebrations and gatherings were limited to twenty people. Or was it to hundred people? Nobody really seemed to know if I looked at the amount of people present in Kirchberg's central park. The weather was amazing so people enjoyed celebrating the national day by simply spending time together with their loved ones, friends or family. What could be more amazing that this type of celebration? For me it was perfect, with people I know, I appreciate and love spending time with.

But if you take a moment to look back at the last three months, among the three below, which best describes your approach to networking since the beginning of the pandemic?
a. focused on smaller/tighter network (people you already know)
b. about the same as before
c. engaged in growing/expanding network.
Usually in times of crisis, people tend to focus on what they know and this applies also to their relationships. I'm certainly one of those who have chosen a as an answer. I used the confinement to catch up with some old friends since more than 15 years, with some older friends aged over 65, I didn't really have much time to think about building new relationships. Because this is what networking is all about, in my opinion. 

Network: as you notice, the word "network" includes the word "work"; and because people like their zone of comfort, studies show that a surprising percentage of 90% of people don't make the effort to talk to people they don't know. Our friends are usually people we share values and interests with, and this means we also have access to similar knowledge.  


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