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Sunday 30 May 2021

My PhD Journey


Since the 1st February 2021 I’m officially registered in a PhD programme at the University of Luxembourg. 

The biggest challenge so far has been to register in the courses I want...  I tried unsuccessfully three times to register in some essential courses about research methods and academic writing. The registration opens on day X at 9 am sharp. I’m there at least 30 minutes earlier practicing my typing skills 😆😆 At 9.00 sharp I start the registration process, at 9.02 or 9.03 I get a message saying that the course is already full. I will need to try again next semester, of the same courses will be offered again. 

Because I already started my field research at Cnfpc Esch Alzette before having had a chance to study in depth the research methods, especially about qualitative research methods, which is what I’m using in my study, I signed up for a Qualitative research methods at the University of Amsterdam / Universiteit van Amsterdam with a brilliant and very passionate teacher, dr. Gerben Moerman. He jumps of excitement during his classes 🙂

So this is how I’m spending my Sunday evenings. for at least some more (6) weeks 🙂



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