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Wednesday 18 May 2022

Lunch & networking with Erna HENNICOT - Come to meet one of the most inspiring women from Luxembourg!

Dear friends, 
We all need some role models to get inspiration from. Here's mine đź™‚
She received standing ovations at the last TEDxLuxembourg event.
Well deserved standing ovations.
Thanks to her we have the University of Luxembourg, the Philharmonic, the Cultural Center Neumunster Abbey, the Rockhall, the MUDAM, and the list could go on..
She was the first woman President of Luxembourg’s Parliament and first woman president of the political party CSV, right after Jean-Claude Juncker.
Languages.lu and Inspiring Wo-Men dedicated her a special place in the education game Wie sinn ech? - Inspiring Wo-Men, which is featuring 55 inspiring women from Luxembourg (25) and abroad (30).


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