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Wednesday 5 January 2022

An audio eBook for learning the Luxembourgish language

You asked for it, so I’m super happy to let you know that the eBook “365 days to learn Luxembourgish” is finally here!

The new tool is an evolution of the eponymous learning method available in a print version since 2016 and sold in over 3,000 copies. Keeping the format of a calendar, it now allows, from one single file, the reading and listening of mini lessons making it easier for learners to acquire the A1 level.

This new, enriched format perfectly meets the needs of an increasingly digital learning environment. Since 2004, when we launched the first online Luxembourgish course, we have taken care to integrate the latest technologies into our training products. Thanks to this new format, the learner can hear and read at the same time, and work on both the oral and written comprehension of the Luxembourgish language.

The audio eBook "365 days to learn Luxembourgish" is available at a price of 9.99 eur and can be ordered on the website: https://www.languages.lu/ebook-365daysluxembourgish 

The printed version is also available.

Enjoy learning #Luxembourgish in 2022!


For more details :

tel: +352 621 77 51 22



About Languages.lu

Languages.lu is a language school in Luxembourg-city and also a translation center and a publishing house specializing in learning materials for the Luxembourgish language. Languages.lu has published 8 learning tools so far.

Founded in 2004, Languages.lu made a name for itself with the launch of the first online Luxembourgish courses and the first mobile application for learning Luxembourgish. In addition, Languages.lu offers tailor-made training.

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