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Monday 3 April 2023

Politics - The essentials


Since I started the #letsdemystifypolitics campaign and even more since some of you found out that I'm running for office in Luxembourg-city, I got asked a lot of questions about politics, including what the different political parties from Luxembourg stand for. 

To help you navigate the complex world of politics, I started to put together some resources which should help you understand better Luxembourg's political scene. 

Since I am deputy Secretary General of the political party CSV, as well as president of CSV International, CSV's political organization dedicated since 2008 to the international community of Luxembourg, and to avoid any biases when presenting you the other parties, I will list here neutral resources. 

4. "Integration, inclusion and diversity" resolution - unanimously adopted by CSV International at the National Congress on 01/02/2023

6. How to vote? Video published in 2017 to explain how to vote - credit to the Integration commission of Dudelange 

Please let me know what questions you might have, and I'll add here resources for you and everyone who's interested to learn more about the Luxembourgish politics.


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