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06/03/2022 Letzshop campaign Daniela Clara Moraru, entrepreneur on the occasion of the International Women’s Day - on YouTube

07/02/2023 RomLux Daniela Clara Moraru, serial entrepreneur  on YouTube 

02/11/2022 Local Tamil community celebrated Diwali at the cultural center Tramsschapp Association President Mr. Vendan and Vice President Mr. Soundappan, invited chief guests from four other Indian associations (Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi) on the stage and Ms. Daniela Clara MORARU, Deputy Secretary General of the CSV party, the local and international community. She also represented the party president & Deputy Mayor of commune of Luxembourg and honored the event with her august presence.

13/10/2022 - Erasmus for wellbeing - conference with Clara Moraru, founder of Languages.lu 

August 2022 - LUX WMN magazine - Clara Moraru - My Cause: Politics for All  


01/06/2022 - Why is wellbeing important in education? 

30/08/2021 - Conference "New Challenges and opportunities for Educational Practices in Industrial Revolutions 4.0 and Society 5.0" organised by State Islamic University Surakarta (UIN Raden Mas Saleh) Indonesia - intervention "How to remain relevant on the long term for your employer "

28/06/2021 - “Aligning training curriculum to local employees’ needs"

19/06/2021 - Intervention on the topic “Aligning training curriculum to employees’ needs"

14/06/2021 - 2nd Mega Lecture Talk - LECTURE (Language, Education, Culture, Technology, Universality, Religion and Environment)

15/05/2021 - 6th global virtual conference on Multidisciplinary trends in academic research
Link to join Day 2-May 15, 2021 - LEAD Philippines is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Meeting ID: 912 1323 3437, Passcode: 264987


07/05/2021 - Three-Day International Virtual Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education. Intervention title: Introducing soft skills in vocational education: a step to increase employability in traditional manual working areas? On 08/05/2021 at 2.30 pm IST time - 11.30 CET time

23/04/2021 International Virtual Faculty Development Programme "Ethics in Research and Teaching", jointly organized on 21-27 April 2021 by Govt. College for Women Parade Ground (Jammu, India), Govt. College Dhami (Himmachal Pradesh, India) and Cape Comorin Trust (Tamilnadu, India) - www.capecomorintrust.org - Intervention title: "Great minds think alike - the fine line between research, inspiration and plagiarism. Case studies from Luxembourg" at 6.00 pm IST time - 2.30 pm CET time

25/03/2021 - International conference on "Curriculum 4.0." - conference organized jointly by UMT, School of Business and Economics (Lahore, Pakistan) and JAGDISH SHETH School of Management (Bangalore, India) - Intervention title: Soft skills 

11/09/2020 - Conference organized by UMT, School of Business and Economics (Lahore, Pakistan) - Intervention title: "Digital education in Luxembourg"

Some of my activities & projects in the press

Contresens: Podcast Devenir son propre patron, est-ce toujours un choix ? avec Daniela Clara Moraru - Languages.lu - 10/03/2021

Luxembourg Times: Independent workers question Luxembourg’s start-up draw - 10/03/2021

Le Quotidien: Luxembourg : à la conquête des nouveaux électeurs - 29/20/2020

ARA City Radio: Author Clara Moraru from Languages.lu talks about her children's book - 27/02/2020

Ara City Radio: Happy Hour with Clara Moraru - 05/12/2019

ARA Podcats - Happy Hour with Clara Moraru - 05/12/2020

Viata libera: Cartea unei galatence va ajunge gratuit la copiii romani din strainatate - 05/06/2020

Radio Romania Actualitati - "Femeia care inspiră Europa" - Clara Moraru - 06/11/2013


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