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Thursday 14 February 2019

Ech hunn dech gär!

Today is Valentine's day, a day people experience a variety of emotions. 
If you're in love with someone and lucky enough to wake up by his/her side, then you're one of those  happy people because loved by the person you love, and that's an amazing feeling and greatest gift of life! 
If you're not in love with someone else except yourself and happy with the situation, you might feel a bit annoyed by all the fuss about finding your better half or your "sweet half" if we were to literally translate the equivalent expression from Luxembourgish "séiss Halschent". 
If you're, however, looking for someone to love and share the beauty of life with, then being alone today might make you feel sad and/or frustrated. Last year -when I was single, happy but secretly wanting to meet someone special- I've organized a free Luxembourgish practice evening at Scott's in the Grund, like I have been doing on a monthly basis for the last 3 years. The event attracted around 20 beautiful souls; I offered them a list of vocabulary related to love and relationships in Luxembourgish. It was very nice to help them discover some new words and expressions, for some their very first words in Luxembourgish, and, by the end of the evening, if we didn't find, yet, that special connection we were longing for, we did achieve something remarkable: everyone knew how to say I love you in Luxembourgish: Ech hunn dech gär!

So today, whether you're in love or not, take this great opportunity to learn some (more) Luxembourgish ❤️🇱🇺 
And no matter if or how you will be celebrating Valentine's Day, make sure it includes some self love, self appreciation, some positive thoughts about the great things and people in your life! 


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