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Wednesday 1 September 2021

More women in politics


More than 10 years ago, I started to look for inspiring women in Luxembourg and the Great Region. Some of them were then included in my two books on leadership, in the photographic exhibition and in the more than 100 conferences, workshops and seminars I’ve organized under the Inspiring Wo-Men social initiative.
Viviane NEITER was one of the incredibly dynamic, smart and inspiring women I’ve identified. I entitled the article on her “The best is yet to come” because I felt how resourceful she is. She just dedicated me the book she wrote for Deloitte on governance and resilience. 
With her nice note she reminded me how important it is to continue to look out for talents, in all fields of activity, especially in politics, where I’m trying to make a modest contribution. 
This is why I will give out a free copy of my books to 10 women who are interested in getting involved in politics, that is, in any political party, regardless of my political preference. I genuinely think that we need more women in politics, to bring their vision and point of view to the table and thus enable better decision making. 
PM me if you wish to receive a copy of my books on women leadership and we’ll arrange to have a coffee together at The Office City.

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