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Friday 8 October 2021

This little girl is me


This little girl grew up in a communist country, Romania, where the norm was to keep one’s mouth shut to avoid troubles with the regime & the authority. 

Whilst she was lucky to live in a loving family, the youngest of 4 siblings and with a mother who always encouraged her, this little girl wasn’t afraid to respectfully challenge the status quo & express her different opinions, either in her family against having to pose in this picture, or in school for having to regularly start a sports class at 7 am.

Whilst living in a country with limited personal resources, the communism taught this little girl to find creative solutions, the power of paying attention, of questioning the rules & suggesting changes to frameworks to become more inclusive. And the power of persistence. Like when, after her 1st year at Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, she was offered the opportunity to represent the City of #Sibiu at a conference on languages in #Austria, and her family didn’t have the money to pay for her flight ticket. She didn’t give up! She visited different local companies and convinced them to sponsor her ticket. Probably it’s for this reason that, for 10 years already, she has been offering scholarships in her home city to the best students. 

This little girl has followed her dreams & created 4 companies in 3 different countries, published several books, games& pedagogical materials, available in #Luxembourg, her country of adoption.

This little girl has co-founded the most important women organizations in Luxembourg, to give a voice to women entrepreneurs & inspiring leaders who are role models in their communities: in 2004 - the FFCEL / Fédération des Femmes Cheffes d’Entreprises de Luxembourg, in 2007 - Femmes Leaders du Luxembourg, in 2009 - Inspiring Wo-Men. And in 2013 she became the only woman from Luxembourg to have been awarded by EIGE the title of “Woman Inspiring Europe”.

This little girl then had the courage to enter local politics. She even became the 1st Romanian candidate in Luxembourg-city’s elections & the 1st foreigner to join the leadership of a political party in Luxembourg, CSV, where she is currently deputy General Secretary. She is also the 1st & only foreigner in the Board of the biggest association promoting the national language of her new country, Actioun Lëtzebuergesch, eis Sprooch, which is celebrating next month their 50th anniversary.

She remained modest, humble & grateful for everything she has achieved and also for what she didn’t achieve, but taught her powerful lessons.

This little girl is me. 

From that year when I’ve asked companies to help me make happen my 1st trip abroad, I now lead since 2004 my own company, Languages.lu, and am supporting other people  in their quests to change their lives & pursue their dreams. 

Why am I sharing my story with you?

Because, according to Inspiring Girls International, more than 90% of girls feel they have higher personal & career aspirations after following inspirational women on social media. 

I encourage all inspiring women in my network to also share their stories. Let’s support girls to become the Inspiring Wo-Men of tomorrow!


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