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Wednesday 9 March 2022

IWD 2022 event at the British Chamber of Commerce

                                                        Photo credit: Ali Sahib (BCC) 

How do you choose where to spend each year's International Women's Day? For many years I've organized myself seminars, conferences, the Inspiring Woman of the Year, Inspiring Man of the Year or Top Company for Gender Equality awards ceremonies. 

This year I thought of launching my educational game "Wie sinn ech? Inspiring Wo-Men" on this special day, but then decided to visit instead friends and former colleagues from the British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg. Until 2010, I was very much involved in the BCC, as member of its Board and also as sustaining member. 

The IWD event was very nicely organized and the evening's special guest was Paule Kremer, the first Luxembourgish woman to have managed to swim the English Channel. An extraordinary challenge which took her 14 hours to complete. 

Claudia Neumeister did an amazing job as moderator of the Q & A session. She asked the Luxembourgish athlete questions about many extremely interesting topics, amongst which the impostor syndrome was one of my favorite. Paule Kremer revealed that it took her 3 weeks to believe that her achievement was indeed something worthy to be highlighted by press and for her to be proud of. 

Even though I am not a fan of endurance sports, I applaud Paule for her achievements, which imply a lot of sacrifices and time dedicated to training instead of spending it with friends and loved ones, like all athletes who push their mind and body's limits. 

I personally feel very happy and inspired by dancing, but that's probably because I receive a lot of energy from exchanging with people, through discussions or dancing. Which is why I also appreciated the opportunity to see again people's smiles over the networking part of the event. Thanks also to my friends, Aude-Marie Breden (MOTP - MyOwnTaxPractice) and Daniel Eischen (Concept Factory) who sponsored the IWD event. 

Looking forward to the next 364 days of the year when we have to continue to recongnize, honour and celebrate women, and to fight for our rights and for gender equality. To do so, I invite you to discover and learn about 55 inspiring women who marked their time in different fields: education, entrepreneurship, science, politics etc.  Enjoy and share with your network! #womensupportingwomen #IWD2022




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