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Saturday 2 July 2022

10 Romanian start-ups worth knowing

Yesterday took place the warm-up event for the Romanian Pavilion by RomLux at ICT Spring 2022, we’ve had such an amazing gathering of Romanian and Luxembourgish entrepreneurs & business people: Pranjul Shah, Emilia Tantar, PhD, Radu State, Cosmin Cosma, Marco Houwen (CPC, ELI-MP), Alex Panican, Madalina Popescu, the cosmonaut Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu.

A special focus was put on the 10 start-ups that are part of the Romanian Pavillion at ICT Spring. Don’t miss the chance to get in touch today and tomorrow with these 10 very innovative technologically advanced companies: 

FINQWARE : is set to become the preferred open banking provider for large companies in the EU, empowering CFOs, treasurers and accountants to leverage open banking for real-time cash management, reconciliations, collections and payments automation.

EMAILTREE : developed an AI platform to extract the essence of the incoming messages from any channel, advise the best possible answer and perform tasks automatically.

FARM.XYZ : The Ultimate Multi-Chain Staking Platform – they are turning Yield Farming into Structured Assets.

HOLARDEV : is developing innovating software projects, based on Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence, such as AnimateAR, Holographic Digital Menu, and HOLOTRAIN – an Interactive V-Learning Platform.

CLAPART : media company using blockchain technology to connect creators and fans on a descentralised platform where intellectual property rights and financial laws are exchanged using revolutionary RST protocol.

ADAMO TECHNOLOGY : IT & Management Consulting services in multiple industries and cross sectors with focus on highly skilled expertise in the newest technologies as: Big data, Cloud, Analytics, Data Science, AI, ML, Blockchain, Appian BPM.

FRONTIER PENTA/FRONTIER CONNECT : Lumbara digital solution (software & IOT devices) for agriculture, sustainable urbanism, green city, vertical/roofs urban gardens and circular economy, smart water capture and reusage, smart buildings facility management.

LuxCreators.lu : offers a complete set of solutions to help organisations with their technological innovation (AI, Machine Learning, and Automation services), digital transformation and marketing services.

MEANINGFY : provides data-driven tech solutions, as well as consulting and software development services to clients within Europe in the areas of Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing, Data Science, and other related areas. 

PANDEMSAFE : helps organisations operate effectively during pandemics and beyond by digitising the newly rolled out processes to cope with the specific needs brought by the new business as usual (i.e. contact tracing, document and hybrid work management solutions).

Congratulations to the president of Romania Luxembourg Business Forum Asbl, Razvan Radu, and the organization team: Iulia Gay, Beatrice Bucur, Gabriel Florea, you did a fantastic job! The food was provided by Epicerie Fine Transilvania, the wines by Romanian WINES, thanks to the generosity of their owners.


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