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Tuesday 2 August 2022

Bonds in Luxembourg-Belair - choosing quality... people & dishes

Samuel Giovanardi, Clara Moraru, SE Livia Rusu, Alain Kapfer

Did you notice that one of the big advantages of surrounding yourself with quality people is that they make you look super good?!

So when I had to choose a place to have lunch with HE Livia Rusu, the Romanian Ambassador to Luxembourg, I made a very safe choice: Bonds, the new restaurant of Samuel Giovanardi and his partner, Alain Kapfer, based in Luxembourg-Belair

It was an excellent and a very safe choice indeed. I know Samuel's passion for quality wines, dishes and people, his talent to welcome and host parties, his creativity, intelligence and attention to details; choosing to go to his restaurant meant that we would have an amazing quality service and amazing quality dishes. 

I was right. The ambassador was delighted.

That's the beauty of being surrounded by quality people, the best people in their field: they go beyond expectations to deliver the best quality in everything; in addition, they make us, their friends who trust them and their talents, they make us simply look good. 

If you want to look good in front of friends or work colleagues, go to Bonds! 🙂

Thank you, Samuel!


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