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Wednesday 1 May 2019

Special cake for special person! Women entrepreneurs in Luxembourg - part 2

For the special people in our life, we always want something special so that they know how loved and appreciated they are, that they matter. Even so when it is the birthday of a loved one. Those of us talented enough will choose to bake themselves a special cake, but if you are not so talented in baking and decorating cakes, the next good thing is to rely on passionate and creative people who can assist us and create a wonderful product for us.

Last month I have chosen to test the talent of a young woman passionate by baking cakes. She recently created a brand called Sweet instincts that you can find on facebook with some of her creations. You can see below the special lady the cake was made for and how happy she was with her special cake...

What I liked about Kàey's USP (unique selling proposition) :
- the design is very beautiful, perfect to get a "waw" effect; she will send you several proposals to choose from, unless you have a clear idea of how the cake should look like;
- she uses quality products;
- the cakes are super tasty (but of course, the taste will highly depend on what product combination one will choose); with chocolate and vanilla, my cake was so fantastic that nothing got througn away! As you can see in the picture below, I even brought some at the Conservatoire where I met a dear friend for coffee;
- it was good value for money: count between 100 and 150 eur for a cake for 8 people with a unique design and depending on what products get used for;
- she pays attention to allergies (which is very important to me). 

What could eventually be improved: 
I felt overwhelmed by the amount of questions asked about the design, type of dought, filling... To facilitate clients' choices, I would suggest a form for customers to fill in, with different options/elements to be selected. I personally have no idea how many types of cake dought exist so it would very helpful to see them listed and just choose from the list. A different section for allergies can also be included, as well as for design, color preferences etc,
- one has to plan the trip to Schifflange to collect the cake, no delivery service is available, which can be problematic for super busy people like myself; but the distance is not too big so it was ok to go get the cake in the morning of day the birthday party was planned for.  

I personally recommend Kàey's cakes and you will probably also appreciate her willingness to do whatever it takes to make you happy and create the most beautiful and tastiest cake for you; in addition, it will be unique like the person you will offer it to!
I wish you continued success, Kàey!


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