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Friday 3 May 2019

Luxembourg and Leonardo in Claudio’s eyes

Yesterday was a very busy day for art lovers with not less than three different art exhibitions being launched in Luxembourg, at least three I was personally invited to. I wish I could have attended all, however have chosen to be present at my long term friend, Claudio’s opening which took place at Pianos Klebber, a piano shop in the city center. This allowed Claudio’s friend, John Lippis, to play a short piece to accompany the beautiful dancers coming out of the paintings.

I personally love Claudio Rosati’s abstract work and my favorite yesterday was “La cadutta del euro” (the falling of the euro), and you might notice Luxembourg’s position above the chaos, as Claudio pointed out to me when we admired together my favorite of his paintings.

Recently included in Italy’s best art catalogue, Mondadori, (which is an enormous recognition of his talent), I genuinely admire Claudio’s artistic path and the fantastic visibility he has in Italy, much more than in Luxembourg. I’m happy when one can follow his passion, create and exhibit. You can read more about him and his work on his website: Claudio Rosati

His admiration for Leonardo da Vinci prompted Claudio to dedicate yesterday’s opening to the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s passing away. Thus, not only did he exhibit ten pieces dedicated to some of da Vinci’s most known paintings, but he also lighted some special candles to keep his memory alive.


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